Videogular Plugins

Give superpowers to your video player

Here you can find a list of Videogular open source plugins. We have several tutorials/examples to show you how they work and a public documentation. We will add more and will try to improve them along time.

If you need a custom plugin you can write your own or if you need help from an AngularJS expert we provide services as external consultants. Just contact us!


Controls plugin will allow you to play, pause, seek, change volume and set fullscreen. This plugin haves support for WAI-ARIA and you can control the player through the keyboard. It’s very easy to customize with your own layout and will take care of your mobile content.

Overlay Play

Add overlay play plugin to have a big play button over your content helping your users to click on it. You can customize the icon with CSS because it’s an icon font.


Buffering plugin will show to users a busy indicator. It’s super lightweight by animating an asset with CSS3 animations.


The native HTML5 poster is very basic. With poster plugin you have bindable images, it will show again at the end of the video and you can even add filters to your image through CSS! 

Google IMA Ads

Monetize your content with Google IMA Ads, the new advertising standard created by Google Doubleclick. You can have prerolls, midrolls, postrolls, companion ads and custom skip buttons.


Add support for analytics and track how users consume your media files, how much they’re seeing and how your content is working.

DASH (beta)

Add Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) to your player and add support for Streaming and Live Streaming to Videogular.

Do you have a plugin?

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